TEDx Ulaanbaatar 2012 Program

Introduction to TEDx


Session 1: Beyond... Imagination

In this session, we focus on the pioneers in the fields of art and design. We take a look at who is going beyond the norm and how they are shaping the future of Mongolian culture.



Session 2: Beyond... Limits

In this session, we explore the technological advances that are helping shape the direction the country is taking. Boldly moving into the future, Mongolia is poised to not be just a passenger, but also a driver of change.



Session 3: Beyond... Growth

Mongolia is one of the fastest growing nations in the world, in terms of wealth. However, there is more to growth than simply bigger cars and bigger buildings. In this session, we focus on social and economic issues and how to solve them to ensure that the growth Mongolia is seeing today will be sustainable well in the future. 


Cocktail Break


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