TEDx Ulaanbaatar 2012 Meet the team

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan Licensee & Organizer     

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan TEDxUlaanbaatar founderMend-Orshikh Amartaivan is a social entrepreneur and the founder and president of The New Media Group which is a social enterprise that provides professional consulting services in several areas focusing on new media marketing, information technology, and venture capital investment. Additionally, The New Media Group has cultivated a strong corporate culture of social responsibility and is dedicated to assisting non-profits and other organizations working to build a better Mongolia as well as “Empowering Human Centered Business”. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and possesses a strong desire to create new solutions to social problems and then implement them on a large scale to change society for the better.

Travis Hellstrom Co-Organizer & Content Lead     

Travis Hellstrom TEDxUlaanbaatar Co-ChairTravis Hellstrom just finished three years of service as a Peace Corps Volunteer and Peace Corps Volunteer Leader in Mongolia, working as a health specialist in Sukhbaatar Province and in Ulaanbaatar with the World Health Organization. Travis also  recently published the Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook, the first book to offer advice to people applying and serving as Peace Corps Volunteers and that also helps raise funds that go to Peace Corps projects worldwide. After meeting in late 2010, Mend-Orshikh and Travis founded TEDxUlaanbaatar together and collaborated to establish the New Media Foundation. Travis is a member of the New Media Group Advisory Board and is now working as a CEO of the New Media Foundation. He also writes weekly articles for everyday humanitarians who are changing the world at AdvanceHumanity.com. 


Tsendmaa Gan-Erdene Coordinator

Tsendmaa Gan-Erdene is currently working at The New Media Group as a Project Manager. She was an active member of International Student Association during her 5 years of study at California State University of Long Beach, where she found out about TED events. Tsendmaa was a translation team volunteer of TEDxUlaanbaatar 2011. Based on her great experience with us, she is excited to be a member of the team.





Daniel Cherry Speakers Lead

Daniel Cherry is beginning his second year as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ulaanbaatar, where he teaches English Language and Literature and American Studies at Ider University.  In his spare time, he has organized a World AIDS Day event for Ulaanbaatar university students and taught a beginning ceramics course at the Ceramic Art Studio.  He studied English literature, creative writing, and molecular biology at Vanderbilt University, and has received fellowships from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Kentucky Arts Council.  He is currently interested in the role of narrative in advancing public understanding of otherwise thorny scientific issues.  He has been an avid TED fan for years.



Uyanga Vladimir Communication Lead & Host      

Uyanga currently works as the Head of Communications Department at The New Media Group. She juggles her life between the business world and the entertainment industry. A passionate dancer and singer, she has been a TED enthusiast since the very beginning. Having successfully organized the first ever TEDx event in Mongolia in 2011, she is thrilled to be back on the team to make it happen again this year. Her dream of showing the world that Mongolia is a country not only of mining and resources, but also of rich history, culture and art, of passionate young professionals and entrepreneurs has led her to be a part of the TEDxUlaanbaatar team. 




Narantuguldur Saijrakh Host/MC

Narantuguldur SaijrakhNarantuguldur Saijrakh is the General Manager at Asia Pacific Securities, a Mongolian securities brokerage firm. He led the company to adapt a new corporate strategy and image, and introduce a number of complementing products and services. He is in charge of the day-to-day activities of the firm, as well as project managing for the parent company, Asia Pacific Investment Partners. Narantuguldur is a member of Junior Chamber International and Mongolian Repat Leaders Club and is actively involved in the clubs' events. Prior to joining Asia Pacific Securities, Narantuguldur worked for Frontier Securities as analyst and, during which, led the organizing team of an annual investment conference, which was attended by more than 500 industries' professionals. He has been actively initiating and putting together numerous of mid and large scale events and conferences throughout his college and professional career. He has been a fan of TEDTalks and has been passionate about "ideas worth spreading" for a long time now and therefore being a part of the organizing team of the very first TED event in Mongolia was a predictable life. Narantuguldur was involved with TEDxUlaanbaatar from the very beginning, i.e. application of the license, and is generally contributing to and coordinating every aspect of the organization.


Joe Flasher IT, Attendees & Volunteer Lead

Joe FlasherJoe Flasher is a freelance software developer from Boulder, Colorado currently living in Ulaanbaatar. He has been involved in several mobile application projects previously and is thrilled to bring that knowledge to the TEDxUlaanbaatar team. Coming from a town that has a vibrant startup community and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Joe is excited to try and foster such an atmosphere in Ulaanbaatar. Joe has been a big fan of the TED series since its inception and is looking forward to help introduce not only TED to Mongolia but also, just as importantly, to show the world of TED what Mongolia has to offer.


Nomin Tuvsanaa Sponsorship Lead

Nomin Tuvsanaa is an Information Security Officer, working and living in Ulaanbaatar. During her studies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nomin was a part of her University Debate Team and Student Union, where she used to be part of organizing all kinds of events and also debated and adjudicated many debate competitions. Therefore Nomin loves to be inspired and that is why she is thrilled to be taking a part in TEDxUlaanbaatar as she believes that it will bring together many young skilled and educated Mongolians and show world what Mongolia has.




Batzorig Regzen Designing Lead

Batzorig RegzenBatzorig Regzen is the CEO of The New Media Creative Studio, a subsidiary company of The New Media Group. The New Media Creative Studio offers highly professional creative graphics and motion graphic designs for individuals and companies. We have developed complex strategy which comprises of various design solutions to serve our clients with full satisfaction.





 Tsetsegjargal Bat-Erdene Logistics & Stage design

Intuitively and spontaneously we seek beauty and creativity, meaning and relation, inspiration and happiness to enrich our own worlds. There is always numerous ways to find them and surely one them has become TEDTalks. The worthy ideas it spreads will nourish your soul and spirit, and encourage you to creativity, lead you to success and reveal you to happiness. 

Tsetsegjargal has been a big fan of TED Talks for long. Since TEDx events started to be hosted in town (Ulaanbaatar), she has been following up, and starting from 2012 she became part of the organizing team which comprises of young, energetic and enthusiastic people who believe in the power of ideas that can change the world to a better place to live. 

She is proud of being a part of the “construction team” which builds the foundation of such inspirational platform in her community and plants the valuable seeds of TED. 

Besides being involved in TEDx events, she is also a dynamic working woman affiliated with Wagner Asia Equipment LLC.

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