Жулиа Лэйола

Date: 2012-09-01
Posted By: Uyanga

Julia Leijola is driven by a fascination for humanity and the many cultures it has birthed during our specie's relatively short existence on this planet. She turned her fascination into a passion by travelling on her own around the Northern Hemisphere. As a third culture kid, she has spent most of her life trying to understand why people fail to understand each other, and how this failure shapes our international relationships in an ever more globalized world.

She has worked as a journalist and photographer, and obtained a Master’s degree in Anthropology at Cambridge (UK) specialising in issues surrounding development in contemporary Mongolia. Combining her enthusiasm for Mongolia and the media, she is now producing her first documentary project, which aims to provide better and more in depth knowledge to decision makers on all levels - from politicians to herders - to help them move beyond development as it stands today.

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