TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014 Баг хамт олон

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan Licensee

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan is a social entrepreneur and the founder and president of The New Media Group which is a social enterprise that provides professional consulting services in several areas focusing on new media marketing, information technology, and venture capital investment. Additionally, The New Media Group has cultivated a strong corporate culture of social responsibility and is dedicated to assisting non-profits and other organizations working to build a better Mongolia as well as “Empowering Human Centered Business". He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and possesses a strong desire to create new solutions to social problems and then implement them on a large scale to change society for the better.

Baljmaa Zorig Co-Organizer

Having completed her undergraduate degree in the Czech Republic, Baljmaa Zorig is currently working as an auditor in one of the most prominent banks in Mongolia. She dedicates most of her leisure time working on projects which focus on children's education and women's empowerment.

Baljmaa has been a big admirer of TED talks since the very first TEDx event was launched in Mongolia. She strongly believes in the power of “ideas worth spreading" and that TED talks bring positive, energetic vibe to the audience. Since 2013, she has been actively involved in Mongolia's TED events organizing team and became a co-organizer of TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014, which took place in the Government Palace under the theme of “The Next Chapter". By choosing this theme, she aimed to bring the most important values of the society which have been overshadowed by the hot button topics such as mining, economy, and politics.

She also coordinates CFO Club Mongolia, which brings together Mongolia's top financial executives and seeks for ways to improve the financial system in the country. Following her interest in business and journalism, she also contributes to Forbes magazine published in Mongolia.

Her favorite TEDxUlaanbaatar speech is 'Perseverance' given by Darlene Grant on TEDxUlaanbaatar Women 2012.

Saran Sukhtumur Coordinator

Saran is an aspiring young professional currently working at Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia. TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014 is her fourth event to be part of since joining the organizing team in 2013. She enjoys watching TED talks on topics of sustainability, urban planning, humanity and education. Saran believes that through TEDxUlaanbaatar, Mongolia can bring out its brightest and most valuable ideas that are worth sharing with the world.

Bolor Bataa Tech & IT Lead

Bolor works at Information Technology department in Khan Bank as a Senior Officer. She has been volunteering for Tech Team since 2011. She is fascinated with TEDx Talks on behavior science, bio technology and artificial intelligence. For TEDxUlaanbaatar, she's leading Tech Team, which is responsible for streaming the videos and technical configuration.

Munkh-Ariun Gantumur Speakers' Team Lead

Mucka is a credit analyst at the Development Bank of Mongolia. She is an avid reader of anything and everything. Since discovering Ted while she was in university Mucka has been continually impressed by the ideas expressed, and firmly believes that the exchange of ideas can lead to a result that is more than the sum of their parts. This is why she is excited to be part of the team for TedxUlaanbaatar and is looking forward to sharing this year's ideas with Ulaanbaatar and the world.

Narantuguldur (Nick) Saijrakh Speakers' Team

Narantuguldur, better known as Nick, is the Director at Khan Investment Management Limited, a Singapore-based investment management boutique focused on Mongolian opportunities.

Nick has been actively volunteering at various capacities in organizing TEDxUlaanbaatar events since 2011. His passion for TED and its motto, “ideas worth spreading", led him to co-initiate the TEDx events in Mongolia together with the organizers of the TEDxUlaanbaatar2011, during which he was the operational leader of the team overseeing all aspects of the organization, from application of the first TEDx license for Mongolia through to successfully organizing it. The TEDxUlaanbaatar has evolved to become a highly anticipated annual event ever since. Nick was the host at TEDxUlaanbaatar2012, and a mentor and a team member for various events under TEDxUlaanbaatar umbrella.

Nick's favourite TEDTalk is “How schools kill creativity" by Sir Ken Robinson, and favourite TEDxUlaanbaatar Talk is “Make Art" by Dokino.

Additionally, Nick is an initiator of NextGen Mongolia, a group dedicated to advocacy and education of young professionals between ages 24 – 35 working in the fields related to economy, finance, social studies and arts. NextGen Mongolia has organized over 20 discussions and forums connecting the next generation leaders with the current ones.

Nick is also a member of Global Shapers' Ulaanbaatar hub, a youth leadership society under direct mentorship by World Economic Forum and Young Global Leaders.

Saruulzaya Gansukh Attendees Lead

Saruulzaya is currently working at Fuji-Altai LLC as a Chief Accountant. It is her first time being part of TEDxUlaanbaatar team and she is very excited about this experience. TED talks inspired her to become a part of team.

Saruul Khatanbaatar Attendees & Sponsorship Team

Saruul is a recent graduate from Brunel University London, majoring in Aviation Engineering, whom is passionate and ardent with the global airline industry, motivated and inspired by development projects as well as carrying out researches.

She has been an epic fan of TED talks for the last 3 years, and have had the chance to contribute her input to TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014 for the first time, which has been a thriving experience with the greatest organization team comprising of the coolest and hardworking individuals.

Ted talks, not only it changes your perspective and ignites a spark, but it further connects and creates a whole wide network of people with the greatest mindsets. Therefore, let us all extend and spread the new generation of the “Next Chapter".

Sundari Enkhtugs Design and Volunteer Team Lead

Sundari (Sunya) is a senior at the National University of Mongolia, majoring in Applied Mathematics, with a diverse array of interest including: social sciences, public relations, and environment. From young age, she dreamed of advancing the education system to include more content aimed at social responsibility and personal development. Later, her part-time jobs as a translator in civic society institution and as an assistant to a media representative augmented her interest and helped her realize the power of using information and media as solid tools to educate, develop, and improve societies.

Watching TED videos inspired her to contribute and work towards her aim. She is hoping to spread empowering ideas shared at TED and TEDx stages further, increase platforms for people to have open and creative discussions on national level, and encourage more and more people to use Internet to the best benefits of themselves and their societies.

Her favorite TED talk is “Leyla Acaroglu: Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore", on renewing our thinking of environmental policy, and favorite TEDxUlaanbataar talk is “Bat-Erdene Gankhuyag: Closing Digital Divide".

Tsendmaa Gan-Erdene Translation Team Lead

Tsendmaa Gan-Erdene is currently working at The New Media Group as a Project Manager. She was an active member of International Student Association during her 5 years of study at California State University of Long Beach, where she found out about TED events. Tsendmaa was a translation team volunteer of TEDxUlaanbaatar 2011. Based on her great experience with us, she is excited to be a member of the team.

Indra Ganzorig Volunteers' Team

Indra has been working as a project coordinator at Go Help UK charity's Mongolia office since 2013. She is an aspiring educator striving to help others by sharing what little she learned so far. She is passionate about social development, child education and care, and most recently, digital media. Aside from work, her recent projects include Social Good Summit Mongolia 2014, TED-Ed Club and collaboration channel on Youtube dedicated to develop Mongolian Youtube community.

Purevsuren Logistics Team Lead

Urangoo Purevsuren is currently working at Kingdom Coal Resources as Foreign Relationship Manager. She studied International Trade at Tianjin Financial and Economic University. She dedicates her time to social and volunteer works, including organizing recreational events in aid of Save Infants and volunteered for the Fundraising Event for National Association for Wheelchair Users. She has been a TEDx fan for the last few years and is now excited to be a member of the team.

Nomin Tuvsanaa Speakers' Team

Nomin is currently working as an Information Security officer at KHAN Bank. She was the licensee and organizer of TEDxUlaanbaatarWomen event in 2013. She has been committed to volunteer works since 2009 to raise awareness for the good cause and also she has been an active member in the organizing team of TEDxUlaanbaatar events since 2012. Nomin believes that TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014 will be the platform for the individuals to come together and share and discuss many great ideas to uplift the community we live in.

Itgel Altantsetseg Designer

Itgel Altantsetseg (Designer) Itgel Altantsetseg is currently a student at Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) in Australia, majoring in Bachelor of Multimedia Design, and specializing in most aspects of Digital Design. He has interned as a Graphic designer at several different companies such as Bat-Tour Travel Agency (Mongolia), The New Media Creative Studio (Mongolia) & U-design (Australia). He strongly believes in hard work and Self-sufficiency. In his works, he likes to make sure everything is in order, aesthetically beautiful and on-brand usable. He is an art lover and also a huge music enthusiast. He often spends his leisure time making music or creating surrealistic images. As he has been a big fan of TEDTalks for years, he is very honored to be a part of the TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014 team.

Battushig Togtokh Stage Design Lead

Tushig is a senior at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, School of Industrial Technology and Design, majoring in Bachelor of Interior Design. After living and studying in the UK for considerable amount of time and finishing his A-level studies in Art, History and Religious Studies, he is currently working as a junior Interior Designer in one of Mongolia's most prominent design firms. He dedicates most of leisure time working on his artwork, producing various design concepts and tattooing. He strongly believes that art and design can be directed to educate the public and grant them a higher sense of aesthetics. That being the reason he worked in the design team of this year's TEDxUlaanbaatar "The Next Chapter".

Watching TED videos inspired him to carry on his work and to educate people with art and design. His biggest goal is to one day become the Minister of Education, Culture and Science so he can improve the quality of the lacking educational service and cultural essence in Mongolia.

He is hoping to spread his ideas through the TED talks and hopefully spread the TED talks through his artwork.

Naran Batjargal Budget

Naran has an extensive finance background and worked for Control Risks Group and LECG in London and XacBank in Mongolia. She is an active member of the SEEP community and she was previously involved with project "Temuulel", which provides financial and social education for youth. She also found Segsgermaa.com early 2012 and is currently working hard to build the one of the top websites for women in Mongolia. She thinks Tedx speeches are very original and greatly inspirational for those who listened, so she is delighted to take a part of this important job to deliver the messages to more and more people.

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